High Quality Ndop Rice

High Quality Ndop Rice . Well milled. We sent Samples .We are ready to ship to any part of the world .

shall have Grain classification, Grain composition and Milling degree as follows:

Grain classification, comprising of
– Long grain Class 1 and Class 2 combined not less than 30.0%, the rest shall be Long grain Class 3.
– Of all these there may be Short grain not exceeding 20.0%

Grain composition, comprising of

– Whole Kernels not less than 75.0%
– Broken having the length as from 3.5 parts onward but not reaching 7.0 parts not exceeding 12.0%.
– Of this there may be broken having the length not reaching 3.5 parts and not passing through sieve No. 7 not exceeding 0.7%, and Small parboiled broken C1 not exceeding 0.3%
– The rest shall be Head rice having the length as from 7.0 parts onward.

Rice and matter that may be present

– Red kernels and or Undermilled kernels not exceeding 2.0%
– Yellow kernels not exceeding 1.5%
– Black kernels not exceeding 0.25%
– Partly black kernels and Peck kernels combined not exceeding 3.5%, of which Partly black kernels shall not exceed 2.0%
– Damaged kernels not exceeding 1.5%
– Glutinous Rice not exceeding 1.5%
– Paddy not exceeding 10 grains per 1 kg. of rice
– Undeveloped kernels, Immature kernels, Other seeds and Foreign matter either singly or combined not exceeding 0.4%

Milling degree: Well milled

Type: Rice Texture: Hard Kind: White Rice
Variety: Long-Grain Rice Style: Parboiled Cultivation Type: Common
Color: Brown Broken Ratio (%): 2 % Max. Moisture (%): 14 %
Admixture (%): 0 % Crop Year: 2010/2011 Place of Origin: Cameroon

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