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A career at MINI CAM AGRO isn’t just about progressing through a hierarchy.It’s about growing through rich and diverse experiences, developing your skills in challenging roles, and participating in initiatives to build new capabilities.

We encourage everyone who works here to take ownership of their career, seek out challenges and change, and ask for feedback. Working with us is a chance to grow your global network, widen your outlook and enhance your career capital.

We encourage everyone who works here to take ownership of their career, seek out challenges and change, and ask for feedback. Working with us is a chance to grow your global network, widen your outlook and enhance your career capital.

MINI CAM AGRO offers empowered, rich and challenging positions in Agricultural production in plantations of different types of both cash and food crops.
Processing and Transformation of these agricultural outputs, supply chain management, trading, consumer sales & distribution, digital and sustainability.  We’re always and continually searching for people with the required skill and knowledge to join our dynamic and experienced team for the betterment of our continent.

At MINI CAM AGRO, we control the entire food chain, we produce, process and distribute in the local, regional and international market, and therefore, we need people who can join us at any of these stages in the production process. MINI CAM, also offers the opportunity for European based independent brand representatives of our products.

Supply chain management:

Supply chain management is at the core of MINI CAM AGRO We have built a network of farmer groups, Farmer organizations, cooperatives and individual farmers around the country,  working with these groups technically to increase their productivity on a continual basis, to organize workshop to train them on modern farming techniques, provide them with essential or high breeds seedlings and other modern farming tools, making sure they have access to clean drinking water and other essential items for a good life is the reason or the very essence  for the existence of MINI CAM AGRO COMPANY. Our teams are skilled in logistics, risk management and securing supplies for customers and we are working tirelessly with partners to re-imagine our supply chains through digital disruption, enhancing product traceability and sustainability.


The world of international is fast growing and also has become more exciting.
Our extensive presence across the globe through our numerous representatives and distributors – our traders can analyze the proprietary information on supply and
demand that gives us the edge to make superior trading calls. Our trading experience is supported with rigorous research and analysis honed by quantitative tools
and techniques to develop a unique MINI CAM AGRO. You can reach us 24/7 through

Production, innovation, and procurement:

Our network of over 10 million farmers and groups of farmer’s cuts across the country and the sub region. Besides production, this team is responsible for health,safety, and sustainability, quality, food safety, ensuring that we comply and meet up with all local and international food quality standards. That everything we do meets our environmental, social and ethical standards.

Consumer sales and distribution

In some parts of Africa and other emerging markets large-scale food retail is in its early stages. The race is on for who can organize the most efficient distribution and win over the most consumers, and our sales and marketing team are responsible for helping MINI CAM AGRO win it. Present in the markets in Africa, and other continents around the world. This dynamic business delivers various packaged foods and beverages like drinks, cassava products, palm oil, cocoa/coffee, tomato paste & dairy beverages, Bobolo, miondo, peanuts to wholesale and retail markets.

Plantations and farming:

We grow an array of crops, such as cassava/plantains, coffee and cocoa, vegetables in varieties etc, so we have an acute understanding of the pressures facing farmers. Our scale and insight means we share learning from one crop to another, driving efficiencies for MINI CAM AGRO and customers. We are also firm believers in the ability of large-scale and small-scale farmers to work hand in hand, increasing volumes and stimulating opportunity around our operations through smallholder ‘outgrower’ programmes.


Our Finance team has an ambitious mission and transformation vision so the environment is fast-paced, collaborative and rewarding. Ensuring predictable outcomes and standardized, efficient and scalable processes is of course critical, but so too is the important role each plays working with business leaders as co-strategists, driving our digital transformation, and maximizing value through innovative financing structures and other special projects in MINI CAM AGRO.

IT and digital:

Our IT & Digital teams don’t just keep MINI CAM AGRO productive and efficient and connected. By bringing cutting edge technologies into our business in an active and ever growing way, they are driving our transformation and enabling us to build a tech-savvy culture. Our team is working on drone image analytics, digital procurement, paperless trade, digital warehouse and traceability through our supply chain thereby making us the most desired global agri-business company in the world to work for.  

Global footprint for reliable supply:

Across the globe, our farms, partner farms and plantations, buying teams and product processing facilities are located at the center of production in order to enable us to have secured, highly monitored goods as far as quality is concerned for the international markets.
If you are interested in working for MINI CAM AGRO, send your CV via the email


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