MINI CAM AGRO, being in the agricultural and also transforming most of its outputs and also those of its partners, cooperatives, farmer groups and individual farmers affiliated to us, is in need of investments from capitalists, non-governmental organizations and other donors. Our company is more of a community based company as we are working with village communities around the country, that’s why we have as objectives:

  • Increase income level of the village man.
  • Modernize village settings.
  • Create job opportunities for an unemployed youth to better their living condition,
  • And above all, alleviate poverty.

As a result of all these, we are calling on Non-

Governmental organizations, Donors, and capitalists to come invest in us. Investments’ can be in the form of machinery to help boost our agriculture and also modernize our agricultural setting. This will help boost up productivity, it can also increase output level, and it can also be in the form of transportation means like providing us with vehicles, pickup and trucks to help get our goods to the market and also to transformation units around the country.

Investment can come to help support our working capital. Investors may either invest to become partners, or Donors/Charity organizations around the world investing to help alleviate poverty in Africa or in the form of long term loans.

We shall be glad and shall much appreciate your support as it will go a long way to help the village man to support their family needs and also put food on their table.

Please reach us through, for more information and how you can proceed with your investments and donations.

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