High Quality Wholesale/Purity 100% Natural sisal fiber

Product descriptions from the supplier:

Natural Sisal Fiber Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4
Type: Natural Sisal Fiber Type 1, 2, 3 and 4

Form: Container 20″ (12MT) our 40″ (28MT)
Natural size of the fiber: Between 90cm to 1.20cm
sisal fiber: Grade A
Length: 110cm-130cm
Moisture: 10%-13%
Impurity: 0-2% max
Color: cream white cream, Brown .

We take pride in quality of our fire and we are ready to assist you and offer best price and quality.
we accept short and long term contracts.
The sisal fiber , with long and white color, strong and pliable, good tension, high friction resistance, high acid and alkali resistance and high resistance to corrosiveness , are widely utilized for spinning, making ropes , cores for steel wire rope, polishing buff, carpet, paper pulp, building materials like gypsum board, doormat and other different kinds of products.

1.Sisal Rope: Diameter from 4mm to 60mm, Color: Natural/Bleached White/Dyed
2.Sisal Fiber: UG and A grade for Gypsum Board/Paper/Natural Stuffing, Color: Natural/Bleached White
3.Sisal Yarn: Yarn count from 100m/kg to 800m/kg, Color: Natural/Bleached White/Dyed Color
4.Sisal Twine: Diameter from 2mm to 5.5mm, Color: Natural/Bleached White/Dyed Color
5.Sisal Polishing Cloth/Fabric: Density from 6×6(24×24) to 11×10(44×40)
6.Sisal Carpet: Various patterns , original width is 4m , can cut into different sizes.
7.Sisal Polishing Wheel: Pure sisal wheel, Cloth sisal wheel, Oil sisal wheel.

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